tailored shirts
Our shirts are created from the finest fabrics available and fit wonderfully. In designing a shirt, we will go into the smallest of details with you, from the buttons we use to whether you want to use a different fabric for the inside of the cuffs and collar.

Quality features include:

Left and right fronts always match, balancing each shirt. The same center line is used for the collar, cuffs, front placket and all button hole placements. Sleeve pleats are sewn on either side of the arm plackets, not side-by-side, to keep the sleeves balanced and prevent them from twisting. A tie loop on the shirt's neckband stops ties from sliding down into view. The yoke is split and angled to follow the shoulder's contours for added comfort. All buttons are lock-stitched and every buttonhole at 178 stitches, is neat and offers long lasting durability.

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