Suits & Tuxedos
What can a custom suit offer you?

You will have complete control over the look, feel and silhouette of your suit. Some of the details that we will offer you:

Do you want a 1,2,3 or 4 button suit? Doublebreasted?
Do you prefer a notch lapel or a peak lapel?
How wide to you want the lapels to be?
Do you want flaps on the jacket pockets or doublejetted?
Do you want them to be slanted?  With or without a ticket pocket?
Do you want handstitching on the jacket? 1\4 inch or 1\8 of an inch?
Do you want French facing on the inside of the jacket?
Do you want side vents, center vent or no vents on the back of the jacket?
Do you want a square shoulder, soft shoulder or natural shoulder?

To measure you for your jacket we will take your chest measurement, waist measurement, seat measurement, ½ back, point to point, back length, shoulder slope, back slope, inside sleeve length, outside sleeve length and compare shoulder height.

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For your vest

Do you want a fullback cloth vest or a satin backed vest?
Do you want 2 pockets, 4 pockets or no pockets?
Do you want flaps on your pockets?
Where do you want the top button to be ( high vest, regular or low)
Do you want a belt clasp on the back of the vest?
Do you want the same lining used as the jacket?

To measure you for your vest we will take your chest measurement, waist measurement, vest opening and back length measurement.

For your pants

Do you want a flat front pant or pleated pant?
Do you want back pockets – 1,2 or none
Single jetted, doublejetted or flap pockets with a button hole, tab or none
Do you want a watch pocket, suspender buttons, or a griptex waistband?
For the front pockets- do you want full, 1\4 top pockets or side seam pockets?

To measure you for your pants we will measure your waist, seat, outseam, inseam, the rise of the pant. We will measure the thigh width, knee width and bottom width.

The silhouette of the suit will be determined by you. Do you want a slim fit, regular fit or a loose fit?

Prices start at $845 and up. At $845 we make a spectacular suit and have a great selection of Italian cloths. The cost only goes up because different fabrics cost different prices. The quality of craftsmanship and design are the same in a suit that costs $845 and a suit that costs $ 2100.

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